We’re always trying to bridge the gap, lessen the distance between the soil that feeds us and the community we’re feeding

It’s valuable to have firsthand understanding of our agricultural system and the environmental impact of growing food on any scale. To appreciate the labor and commitment it takes. And to be familiar with the complexities our farmers and ranchers face to provide sustainable, responsible food. Which is why in 2008, Bi-Rite started our own farm in Sonoma.


The original half-acre parcel has now become a three-acre farm where more than 50 different crop varietals are grown every year. We use “beyond organic” sustainable farming practices, which means that we can be outside the umbrella of certification but still have the confidence of knowing exactly what’s in our produce. We also have an acre of orchard in Placerville and a rooftop garden on our Divisadero Market.

The food we grow at our vertically integrated farm is sold in the Bi-Rite Market’s produce departments, incorporated into the evening dinners our Market chefs prepare, and featured in our catering menus. Even our grapes are incorporated into Bi-Rite Creamery’s seasonal Concord Grape popsicles. We’ve learned a lot throughout the past 10 years, some especially interesting (including why there are no longer pigs on the property!) and would to share those stories with you.

Farm School

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty growing your own food, check out our annual Farm School. In collaboration with 18 Reasons, every year (May – September) Simon Richard, Bi-Rite’s produce buyer, and Layla Aguilar, Bi-Rite’s farmer, pair up with Janine Gee from 18 Reasons to teach students everything they need to know about small-scale organic farming practices.

Farm School will return May 2019.


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