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To Create a Thriving Community

From the bright freshness of local, peak of season stone fruit, to the umami richness of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, the taste of great food is directly connected to the people and practices behind it.

You can not only trust that everything at Bi-Rite will taste delicious (in fact, we certify it) but that everything is also responsibly sourced and grown. Because the choices you make are important, and even a small decision, like where to buy the first strawberries of the season, can transform people’s lives. Let’s connect so we can help everyone in our community live deliciously, including the farmers and artisans who make delicious food possible.

Visit our Markets to see what’s in season or shop online. Learn more about our sourcing practices and community partnerships.

Discover Something Delicious

Discover Something Delicious

Bi-Rite Market is so much more than a neighborhood grocery store. It’s a destination for the best food in San Francisco. It’s where you’ll be warmly welcomed and offered tastes of peak season produce and the deli’s latest creation. And it’s where grocery shopping is fun and bound to lead to a new discovery that not only tastes delicious but also has an amazing story behind it.

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Happiness One Scoop at a Time

Happiness One Scoop at a Time

Started in 2006, Bi-Rite Creamery is San Francisco’s original organic ice cream shop. In the summer of 2019, the Creamery was reimagined with a spacious new layout and extended menu.

The creator of our delicious ice cream and novelties is Kris Hoogerhyde, and she pulls her inspiration from the happy food memories our staff and guests share with her on a regular basis. Using incredibly delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients such as Straus Family Creamery’s dairy, Masumoto Farm peaches, Guittard chocolate, and Bay Area Bee Company honey, Kris and her team make our ice cream by hand, in small batches. And then we add some sprinkles – because life’s always better with sprinkles.

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Making Every Moment Delicious

Salad overhead view

Making Every Moment Delicious

Whatever the reason bringing you together, we believe good food has the power to create memories, further connecting you to a moment and each other. With creative menus featuring local, seasonal ingredients from thoughtful producers and makers, when you choose Bi-Rite Catering you’re inspiring your guests to live deliciously.

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Nourishing Food in the Heart of the City

Breakfast egg sausage cheese avocado sandwich

Nourishing Food in the Heart of the City

Located in front of City Hall, Bi-Rite Cafe proudly serves the Civic Center and Tenderloin community. Offering the same delicious, responsibly sourced, local food and great service you know us for, our menu has breakfast, lunch, and kid-friendly options all day. There’s also Bi-Rite Creamery soft serve ice cream made with Double 8 Dairy water buffalo milk and a full espresso bar and coffee program featuring Sightglass Coffee.

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Creating Community Through Food

Doing business the old-fashioned way – being hyperlocal and transparent – is at the core of how Bi-Rite operates today. Working directly with over 200 local growers, makers, and producers, this regional food network helps ensure our local economy thrives.

And so we’ll continue to work to make connections. Between the delicious food on your plate and the passion of the producers behind it. Between the choices in your cart and the impact those choices have on your community. Because the decisions we make as businesses and as individuals – even a small decision like where to buy your lettuce – can impact people’s lives. #EatGoodFood